Gallows Road: Bios

Russ Bahorsky is from Richmond, Virginia's "Southside" and has been playing music since 1976. He played his first professional gig as a guitarist in 1979 at the age of fourteen, and by 1983 he was a one of the leading guitarists in Richmond's cutting edge underground music scene. Russ was the original guitarist for the metal band, Gwar, but left the band to explore the emerging alt-country phenomenon. He now plays the 5-string banjo blending classic Scruggs-style picking with contemporary bluegrass sounds.

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Doug McNamara has lived all over the Mid-Atlantic area but keeps returning to the DC suburbs. A performing musician from age nine, he's played electric bass in various local rock and pop bands since 1981 and picked up the upright in 2002. Being a relative newcomer to bluegrass bass, Doug's bass playing reflects a more contemporary approach to holding down the low end. Heavily influenced by such rock bassists as Entwistle, Lesh and McCartney, he plays in a more melodic manner while maintaining a solid rhythmic pulse.

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Members Emeriti

Rich Hinman, a native of Roanoke, Virginia, learned to play guitar at the age of twelve from his father (whom he credits as his greatest musical influence). Playing rock and folk for years, he became focused on bluegrass and old time in 2003 while taking a college course guest-taught by Mike Seeger. He has since led several bands. Shortly after moving to Northern Virginia in 2007, Rich reunited with former band member, Nate Edwards, to form Gallows Road. He sings lead and plays both a hard-driving mandolin and a soulful resonator guitar.

Born in the backwoods of Newport, Rhode Island, Nate began playing guitar a few years ago at age sixteen and studied under Tim Olbrych. A fan of all musical genres, Nate's influences range from punk and ska, to metal and rhythm & blues — hints of which are evident in his unique approach to bluegrass.

She's Canadian, she plays fiddle, what more is there to say! Stacey is originally from Canada, a country with a long history of fiddle music. She blends this influence with her classical violin training when she plays American Bluegrass. Stacey has played with Gallows Road for the last year, and has played in a variety of chamber groups and orchestras as a student in Illinois and Ohio.